The COVID-19 risk is becoming, and will continue to do so for many months to come, what we call a "recurring" risk... An exceptional risk because of its impact on many sectors of activity throughout the world! Organising a hybrid or live event is not impossible, taking into account this risk for the safety and health of people (staff & participants). It is entirely possible to bring together teams, participants and speakers at a MICE event ... The framework must be clear, efficient and coherent for all parties involved; the credibility and responsibility of the organiser is at stake! 

OPSMAN can assist you in various ways, having been at the source of the remarkable work that has been carried out by a team of 21 event experts, surrounded by infectious disease specialists and lawyers. 

For the event organisers themselves, OPSMAN will assist you in drafting the content of your tender specifications. Once your specifications have been published, you will then have the "COVID-19 guidelines" that you wish to impose on the service providers who will be responsible for developing and setting the music for your event. 

  • Compliance with legal obligations in terms of team safety 
  • Setting up a management plan for the installation and dismantling phases. 
  • Development of data collection solutions, in line with the GDPR, while allowing efficient tracing of all individuals 
  • Civil liability policy of the service provider vis-à-vis its subcontractors 
  • … 

From the outset of your event project, our experts can assist you in defining a risk management framework that protects you from any lack of prevention!

For service providers in charge of event organisation, OPSMAN can assist you in setting up an effective plan, addressing risk at 360°, in the development and definition of an effective risk management plan. Indeed, it will be important to be able to define the principles and methodology for managing this COVID-19 risk as soon as the event goes into production.

  • Definition of contractual frameworks, with your subcontractors, in order to have commitments that protect you and, above all, clearly define the limits of each person's responsibilities.
  • Development and implementation of an operational risk management plan, during all phases of the event; from the contractualisation of services to the disposal of waste, including the determination of the communication plan towards all the parties involved in the event. 
  • Management, with the competent authorities, of a transparent and effective operational management plan; this is to ensure that all the skills and expertise are available to manage the risk and envisage effective and responsible crisis management. 
  • Definition of the means of risk prevention to be put in place; during each phase of the event. 
  • …. 

The number of hours and days spent understanding the risk enables us to help you manage it in a coordinated and integrated manner. The aim is not to copy a risk management plan ... but to integrate risk management into your operational management plan.